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Things To Know About Leather Cords

The narrow fabrics industry is huge and the products of this industry find great demand in almost every industry. One of the most common and most used narrow fabric products is the leather cords. The 1.5mm leather cord finds applications in different industries like sports, furniture, automotive, jewelry making, military, and garments etc. The size, color, and feel of the leather can vary between pools. The leather cords provide much versatility and these are one of the popular classes of narrow fabrics.

Leather cord can be used in a number of different ways, that includes being used for accessories in shoes, belts, jackets, caps, and these cords can even be used in jewelry. As a jewelry item, this cord adds natural soft feel, which can be firm as well as subtle. The greatest advantage of this leather cord is it offers a great versatility. These coils can be easily incorporated with beads, nylon and some other type of cords. As the original leather is produced naturally, there may be a number of variations. This variation also serves as an advantage as the leather beading cords can be altered into a number of different forms.

Forms of leather cords

The leather cords has three main forms they are

·         Flat leather cords
·         Braided leather cords
·         Round leather cords

These three forms of leather cords find applications in a number of industries. The naturally finished cord is usually suppler and may be easier to work with. As these coils tend to loosen easily it is easy to make knots on it. Also, because of the surface tension of the finish, these coils have a glossier look and this is the reason why these cords find great demand. The jewelry making industry makes use of these coils in larger number.

These coils are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. For example, the 1.5mm round leather cord is a variety of this cord that is used most commonly. Also, these coils are available for an affordable rate and can be found on any online shopping site. While choosing leather cords, the important factor to consider is its quality. It is better to choose stiff leather cords as it actually softens as it ages and may look and feel much better. However, those who don’t want this form can go for leather cords with less stiffness. On the whole, the leather cords are useful narrow fabric. 
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