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The Black Lodge- Understanding What The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path For Personal Growth

There are many healing and spiritual groups in the world and some of them have made a unique niche for themselves because of the valuable teachings they spread. People of all ages have benefited from them and they are now living happy and meaningful lives.
 Understanding The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path- The Black Lodge
When it comes to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path by the Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer, you will find that it helps you grow in a mature and spiritual way. This path teaches you that there is a scope of growth in all the five aspects of your life- they are emotional, mental, soul force, physical and spiritual. Most people are not aware of these five aspects that play a crucial role in your overall development.

How does the Path work?
The Black Lodge will help you work with your physical bodies. Your body is centered around your health and development. You as a person are able to learn new skills and this helps you to take care of your body financially. At the same time, you have the ability to defend yourself and loved ones. There is a program that is taught to you here. This program includes development and physical training- it is called the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path gateway process!
With the aid of Ten No Kishi Dojo, you are able to learn how to self-defend yourselves. This training program is different from other self-defense training programs. Here, you are taught to defend yourself with the aid of physical conditioning. At the same time, you are able to learn processes where you are able to handle firearms safely and effectively.
Who are eligible to do the above training programs?
These training programs are eligible for both men and women from all backgrounds and ages. The courses are generally conducted at Scottsdale in Arizona. It can also be conducted in places that are near it. This region is close to Phoenix in USA. If you wish to do these programs, you do not need any prior experience at all. There are additional training programs in firearms that are available with The Thunder Strikes Productions NRA and other SwiftCare courses. The instructors and all the trainers that teach you have been approved by the NRA. These courses are conducted in several locations in the USA. You will also learn survival techniques in the wilderness and cities with the aid of these courses. There are schools where you can learn these extensive courses- the name of a notable school that deals with them is The Tom Brown’s Tracker School.

The members of the Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer say that many people ask them what is the Black Lodge and why the name? This is the name of a lineage they state and here you can find teachings that are required as humans. If you check the wheel, you will find that the physical aspect of the body lies in the West and the color of the West on the Wheel is Black. This is why the program that deals with the physical aspect of the body is called The Black Lodge!
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