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How to Create a Good Team in Your Organization?

Each company's priority is to improve results while reducing costs, with the help of teamwork. Teamwork is important because all team members share a common goal, motivate each other, and engage in performing the tasks that make them more successful and more efficient. However, a good and productive virtual team is not easy to maintain, which is why it takes a lot of effort to build it.

Ideally, a good virtual team would be a group of people, each of whom has a specific skill and they all complete each other by joining forces together successfully tackling a difficult and complex task. The reality is, unfortunately different and we rarely have the chance to sit and select a team - most often we get certain people we have to work with. But that is not the case with virtual employees and virtual teams. You get to choose your people. That is why it is very important to meet people, so that we can properly share their roles in the team. The division of roles and how it affects interpersonal relationships in the team is very important, because if people are not satisfied with their or any other roles, there will certainly be dissatisfaction. It should be noted that even though the team can have all the knowledge and skills needed if they do not enjoy working together, you need to make some changes. It is about increasing employee engagement, reducing absenteeism, and maintaining business continuity, reducing conflicts, improving creativity and innovation. When it comes to team work, employees must feel that they contribute to the achievement of common goals, have a common vision and what is extremely important - flexibility. This is very important today in the market for increasingly demanding clients and is easily lost in competitiveness if you are not ready to respond quickly to requests.

Emotional intelligence - A successful virtual team is not easy to build and maintain. The quality of a virtual team will depend on the situation as well as on the tasks. Emotional intelligence is extremely important for a good teamwork. It is the ability to work on oneself that leads to the development of self-awareness and self-discipline of each individual, then having the skills of knowing what others what, knowing their reactions, the effect of one person on the other. The ability to learn from mistakes is also important, because mistakes are not there to punish us, but to teach us a lesson. There are no rules on how to build a good virtual team, because one person can work great in one team, and vice versa. So, maybe I'm a good team player, but that does not mean that I'm good for every team. It is important to know that everyone in the team can be an excellent individual who is given adequate roles and possesses adequate knowledge and skills but if the leader is bad and does not give feedback, does not know how to manage the team and does not provide them with the needed resources, the team will not give proper results. A good team leader should be a good communicator, but also a good listener, must be able to make a decision, but at the same time be careful, assertive and sensible, dynamic and tolerant.
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