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How Ron Forrester Infers the Importance of Social Networking in Academics?

Whenever someone speaks of social networking, people have the concept of various social media platforms that most people use as their favorite pastime. Scrolling through your own Facebook wall or gazing through someone else’s Twitter posts might seem to be really engaging, but there’s no doubt that the time wasted in doing this can be utilized for much better means. However, one must not forget that it is the individual upon whom it depends how much to use it and how. There’s no fault of these social media platforms as people have shown how they could be used to the best of their means as well.

There are definitely multiple advantaged of having these social media platforms and the act of social networking, believes Ron Forrester. One of the most important of them being the initiation of social interaction that encourages the students in speaking with several academic experts or even fellow mates and learn new things that they might not be aware of at all.

This is mostly found to be useful in the colleges where the students of one discipline get to know about the students of others, and that in turn increases the rate of retention within the colleges. One thing that every student or academic institution must be aware of is how to prevent the overuse of these social media platforms as the students do not have the capacity to apprehend when it crosses the border of normal use.

A simple social media post can indeed find a life on its own, and when it might fall heavy on someone cannot be apprehended beforehand. And once a post is out on these platforms, there is no way of taking it back. Even though there are some of the risk factors which are inherent in these posts, the benefits can easily outweigh these risk factors and win the heart of all the socially active enthusiasts.

In a major portion of the academic world, the movement has been considered to be pretty slow. The problem lies in the smooth transition of the generations. Mostly the faculty and administrators in these institutions are people from the previous century, and it takes time for them to adopt the change that has already crept into the world of academics. So here’s a scientific analysis that might help these senior administrative members to accept the mode of social networking into their own constricted world.

It is the social media that the faculty can use to engage the student and enhance the involvement, argues Ron Forrester who has been dealing with this new age innovation for quite a few time. Since most of the students nowadays grow with the social media, it gets to be very natural for them to interact on these platforms. So what is being termed as mutual collaboration gets easy for them through these platforms.

The change needs to be accepted, and the earlier it is done, the better it gets for the entire academic world. After all, it is the social media platform that brings the entire world onto one single desktop.
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