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Building Bots for Your business

Most people think that chatbots are a new development in the tech world. However, bots have been there for several decades. Before chatbots were launched, they were just bots; software that is designed to automate a task. A chatbot is built on the same knowledge. However, a chatbot delivers this job via a single function; chat or simulated conversation. 

A chatbot utilizes machine learning so as to pick on conversational cadences, thus, allowing it to imitate human conversation and react to spoken or written effectively prompts just the way human would respond. A chatbot is essentially another user interface that can be plugged into several data sources via APIs so that it can deliver information and services on demand. It can be used to give information on weather forecasts or even breaking the news. 

Chatbots hold a dazzling future for both businesses and individuals. Soon enough, these bots could be a replacement for the entire apps in most of the devices. For instance, instead of opening weather app to check on the temperatures, you can ask a bot, and it will answer you. Eventually, a single bot can be used to replace several applications on your mobile device, and a chatbot could soon become your assistant. 

Uses of intelligent bots 

Bots have been used to deepen customer engagements by augmenting the skills and knowledge of company’s employees interacting with clients. Bots are used to create a more natural and personalized engagement at a massive scale. 

• Bots can be used for completing simple tasks by providing recommendations that are actionable from the perspective of the conversation. 

• Bots are used to drive efficiencies by automating workflows and incorporating task completion with the existing systems in the view of the business process.

• Bots can be used to uncover new insights about consumer preferences and challenges by being able to capture and reason through all the customer interaction data. 

Getting started in building a bot 

Developers who wish to build their own bots can get started with various open sources platforms to develop, use and test their bots. As you build and test your bots in the cloud, these open sources help you to accelerate your project through an integrated environment. You can quickly learn how to create intelligent bots if you find a helpful site

A popular open source platform allows you to get started quickly with built-in templates, scale and you pay on demand as your needs grow over time. Additionally, the bots that you create enable you to reach users on several channels such as mobile apps, website, text or mobile SMS, Office 365 email, Kik, slack and several others. Creating an intelligent bot goes past completing simple tasks. 

A complete intelligent bot for business requires cognitive understanding and integration of business processes. It should also have the ability to gain deep insights on client interaction data. A great bot building platform needs to have a massive data storage, advanced analytics, orchestration, and cognitive services to help you build your intelligent bots.
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