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10 Best Potato (Aloo) Recipes you can Try Today

Potatoes or as we like to call them Aloo are one of the most widely used ingredients in the different cuisines we eat every day.  From Fries to potato cutlets, starters or main course, we can’t get enough of them. Potatoes are an easy food ingredient to grow throughout the year and do not require much fertilizers or chemicals to improve their quality. Today, we are going to provide you with a number of must try potato cuisines. From starts such as Honey Chilli Potatoes to MainCourse dishes such as Dum Aloo, there is so much to try from this menu.

Batata Vada

One very popular street food for a potato lover to try is the Batata Vada. Another fancy name for Potato, Batata Vada is a simple dish where mashed potatoes are coated in chickpea flour (besan) and are deep fried till a goldenish brown color is attained. The dish is best served with mint chutney.

Honey Chilli Potato

Every Indian’s favorite starter at parties, Honey Chilli Potatoes are a must try recipe for a potato lover. The snack is very easy to prepare. Chop potatoes into long slices in the shape of fries and fry them till a golden brown color is achieved. Addthese fries with few chopped vegetables including onions and capsicum with a tint of honey and fry them on a frying pan.

Fried Aloo Chaat

It is another delicious and popular street food, this time from the streets of Delhi. Fried Aloo Chaat is nothing complex and is as simple as it gets. Fry pieces of potatoes in any shape you like till they are golden in color and toss them in tamarind and mint flavored chutney to enhance the taste. You can also add other ingredients at top for dressing according to your taste.

Dum Aloo Lakhnavi

Dum Aloo is in itself a very top main course dish you need to try. But the Lakhnavi style Dum Aloo course is one such dish which should be on everyone’s radar to eat at least once in their life. The dish is nothing more than potatoes stuffed with paneer and fried in a mixture of onion and tomato gravy.

Potatoes Bhujia and Besan ki Roti

A very popular North Indian dish, potatoes are mashed along sweet corn, cabbage, capsicum and a number of spices to provide most of the flavors for the dish. The dish is best served with freshly made besan ki roti.

Chatpate Aloo with Heeng and Dhaniya

If you are on the lookout for a compelling side dish to make alongside other cuisines, then you can try out this Chatpate Aloo dish. The dish works perfectly in case you are looking for something quick and tasty without much hassle. The dish includes potatoes stir fried on a pan alongside ginger, chilies, lemon juice and aromatic masalas. Heeng and Dhaniya are also added to the pan to add fresh pungent smell and taste to it.

Bangbang Batata

One quick potato recipe you can try today on your own is the Bangbang Batata recipe. The dish is basically light fried potato rolls till they are crisp in nature. Fry them in a pan till a light golden color is achieved and have a crisp outer skin. These can be consumed on their own or with mint flavored chutney and/or dressings for enhancing the taste.

Achaarke Aloo

A personal favorite, Acharke Aloo are among the simplest yet interesting potato recipes you will ever come across. Toss fried potatoes into a pan and mix it up with mustard seeds, small amount of sugar, vinegar and achaari flavors depending upon your taste. You can add a couple of Dhaniya leaves to provide you with enhanced taste.

Potato Gratin with Garlic Cream

Potato and Chess can also be an interesting combination and this dish is a very good example of it. The dish is a mixture of very finely slices of potatoes seasoned with numerous flavors and cottage cheese. It is baked till a golden brown color is achieved inside an oven.

Spicy Potato:

To all the spicy food lovers out there, Spicy Potato is a great street food that you can try today. The potatoes are chopped and cooked alongside tomatoes and a number of chilly flavors. This fiery dish will definitely set fire to your taste buds.

The Last Words

Potato has always been a useful ingredient if you are in need of experimenting something or making a dish quickly. Dishes such as Batata Vada, Dum Aloo, and Honey Chilli Potato have been a favorite among the Indians for a long time now. Easy and quick to make, the above dishes are the ones that you can easily try any day of the week. 
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