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What makes a Security Tenders writing effective?

Writing security tenders requires either a professional who has worked in the security industry and innately understands the sector, or a professional tender writer who has experience working on security tenders. Security tenders are common as nearly all public and private sector businesses commission security services. Security tenders are now more important than ever with the evolving variety of threats including terrorism, digital access, and identity fraud. When reviewing security tenders, companies now seek suppliers who are capable of not only responding to any issues that arise on a daily basis, but assisting them in foreseeing and acting on any future challenges.

Security tenders typically need to cover a variety of elements that are unique to the industry. There are a multitude of areas that may need to be covered such as guarding in high risk environments, IT security and cybersecurity, or CCTV security and each area of security comes with its own set of rules and regulations. Security tenders need to demonstrate an understanding of the balance of risk control with cost. This is an integral part of all security tenders. Security tenders must demonstrate that the security company is able to deliver a cost effective yet safe and responsive resource for any incident. This can sometimes be a difficult balancing act when writing security tenders and requires a solid understanding of the company’s capabilities and funding. Ensure that you address all of the selection criteria, clearly and concisely and that your answers are specific to the security industry. Sticking to the question is imperative.

Security tenders must be unique to the physical and operational individualities of each site. Security companies need to demonstrate in their tender response exactly how they will protect their future client, right down to the detailed specifics. Security tenders are about safety to both the public and to the client’s business, whether it be cybersecurity and CCTV or physical security via the use of static guards. Security tenders are unique and must be written carefully and involve all relevant stakeholders when incorporating the relevant information. Occupational health and safety is also a key factor when writing a successful security tender as there are a variety of dangers associated with industry. Many security tenders require a safety management plan as an attachment. Security staff also need to be fully up to date with training, including first aid and any other health and safety aspects.

When writing your security tender don’t forget to use reliable referees. Call on clients who have had positive experiences with you and you know well. Don’t take risks using clients who have made complaints. Permission must be obtained for all referees as it will not come across as professional if they are unaware of an impending call or email. Ensure they have the details of the request for tender. Ensure your security tender is completed on time and that you allow yourself enough time to submit the document electronically with any uploads. Late tenders are almost never accepted so there is no margin for error.

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