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The Right Family Law Firms Makes a Huge Difference

New Way Lawyers has brought something new in the legal world, well, if not legal world then surely in the Australian Legal world. We are Australia’s first not for a profit family law firm. We believe justice doesn’t come with status, everybody deserves it. Therefore, we aim to provide legal service to those as well who belong to low or moderate income group. A substantial part of the population needs legal service but it remains unmet because of affordability. By doing this we are able to bridge the gap for those families and individuals which are not able to obtain legal services.

New Way’s motto is people over profit. Services will be rendered without any intention to earn a profit; however, services will not come free of cost. It will be chargeable to the extent that we are able to meet basic cost which is incurred during provision of service. If you are thinking that since we will not charge hefty amount then we might compromise on the quality of the service or take your case for granted, then you are highly mistaken. 100% customer’s satisfaction is what we work for and strive for. Each of our clients is assigned an attorney, who will help you without cutting any corners. It’s just that we don’t provide luxury but only basic legal service which the client needs.

At present, we are catering to clients who need help in Family Law and Estate Law matters. It includes issues persistent to divorce, separation, child protection, child custody, child support, guardianship, visitation, spouse support, protective orders and other such family matters. The firm’s attorney will help you if allegations have been put on you or you are a victim of felony crimes such as domestic violence.

The lawyers and attorneys have the passion for helping people, they are determined and take their job very seriously. They understand sensitive family issues and therefore, they will not only support you professionally but emotionally as well. They know that such issues can drain you emotionally and each issue is unique and each case has its own tale to narrate. One solution will not suffice for all the problems. Therefore, they will listen to your problem patiently; make a roadmap, go through the pros and cons before suggesting to you the options. Come what may, you will be guided in the right direction and solution which will be the best for you will be recommended to you.

Attorneys of family law firm Burleigh heads believe in out of court settlement. It is so because a proceeding in court not only eats up your precious time but also swallow your hard earned money. On one hand, where out of court settlement can be done in days and months, court proceeding might take years to get you justice. However, it also depends on how cooperative parties involved are.

If you seek help in any of the above matters or any other Family law issue, feel free to contact us. You can call us, visit our website  or drop us an e-mail. We assure you that all your queries will be answered in the minimum time possible.
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