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Get Ready for the Brand New iPad Pro 2

After a long wait since the release of Apple iPad Pro back in 2015, the iPad Pro 2 is expected to be launched in June at WWDC. So, if you are planning to buy an iPad in India, we suggest you wait just a little while longer if you want to lay your hands on the brand new version.

The new iPad Pro 2 will not be an extension 9.7 inches or 12.9 inches but something new altogether. In fact, it looks like Apple might be making massive changes to the configuration as well, to boost the dying sales of iPads.

Here's everything that you need to about the new iPad Pro 2, including its release, new features and if there’s going to be a price shift once it comes out.

The Release

So far, Apple has taken a low-key approach to the new iPad launch, which might suggest that the 10.5in iPad Pro might just go straight to the Apple store without a big display presentation. We don't think it will happen though.

If the new iPad Pro models come in the rumoured bezel-less design, there should ideally be a lot of excitement about it. Apple will make sure that people get excited about it!

While iPad Mini 5 is rumoured to be getting the bezel-less treatment as well, it appears that Apple will focus on the bigger model during the launch.

Will there be a 10.5-inch version?

Thanks to some leaks, it's more or less confirmed that Apple is readying a 10.5-inch variant of the iPad Pro 2. A leak that came from an Apple authorised reseller (and was published on 9to5mac) noted that the case manufacturer is getting ready to release a 10.5-inch case in June. Also back in August 2016, a KGI report claimed that a 10.5-inch model was in works. 

Apart from these, industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo had previously stated that iPad Pro would be available in three sizes. Now since we already have seen the 12.9 inch and the 9.7 inch, the 10.5 inch seems most likely to hit the market.

The Price

We can speculate a price that you’ll be paying for the new iPad Pro 2 based on the pricing seen on previous iPads.

Back in 2016 Apple priced the 32GB 12.9inch model at £680 which went up substantially to £800 for the 128 GB variant, and of course, there was the 256 GB version which was available for £919 in the UK.

We could guess the introduction of a 64GB model this time around which is supposed to shuffle up the pricing structure and bring in a comfortable middle ground. So, a smart prediction would be that a model of those specs would probably sit at around £720 with an additional cost of about £100 more for 4G connectivity.

The Specs

While it's tough to guess the hardware improvements that Apple will make in the next generation of the Pro models. We think the following improvements are likely:

Apple Pencil 2

According to a report by PCAdvisor, Apple should also be releasing a new Apple Pencil along with the iPad Pro 2. It could be true because 10.5 inches iPad Pro 2 should be compatible with the current or a new Apple Pencil and what better place than the WWDC to show it off.

Faster A10X 10nm processor

There is a good chance that Apple to bundle a better processor with iPad Pro 2 to keep it cutting edge. Digitimes in another report indicates the iPad Pro 2 might boost an A10X 10nm processor instead of the A9X chip from the current model. This would make the new tablet run much faster.

Better Camera

Apple has a history of ensuring their new products boast top of the line specs and the camera has always been one of their best features. An educated guess would be that Apple enhances the optics to 12-megapixels for the rear-facing camera, while the first optics improved to 5-megapixels. The 4k video might also be on the table for the iPad Pro 2.

This is exciting news for all Apple fans, and while the world awaits the launch of the new iPad Pro 2, iPad in India is also ready for a significant shift.

We expect to see the new iPad Pro models at the WWDC event on June 5. It will be perfect time for Apple to showcase new hardware to compliment to introduction of the next iOS version.
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