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Best Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are no phenomena in Australia, as unfortunately, they are quite common. The failure of business owners to provide safe and hazard-free working conditions to their workers has resulted in loss of millions of dollars and thousands of lives. This is the main reason why employers, regardless of their industry, should ensure the safety and health of their workers, which could save them from legal issues that could lead them to financial troubles and would prevent loss of workers’ lives.

Business owners should never go cheap on the safety and protection of their workers: from fire prevention and control equipment, insurance, equipment to printed workwear and other necessities. In order to effectively ensure workers’ safety, employers should invest on safety mechanisms, systems, and protocols designed to reduce the risk of workers getting involved in workplace accidents. By investing on quality safety measures, common types of workplace accidents like slip and fall, machine entanglement, vehicle accidents, falling objects accidents, burns, and cuts, can be easily and effectively prevented.

Workplace accidents can be effectively prevented by either altering or improving the current safety measures being implemented. Below are some practical and easy-to-do tips for business owners who are seriously contemplating about improving their company’s policies regarding workplace safety.

Assign a workplace safety czar – One reason why accidents happen in the workplace is the lack of coordination and management of people during times of accidents. This could be prevented by having a person to handle the situation. That person should have good knowledge about first aid, emergency medical procedures, and crisis management. It would be extra helpful if the point-person for workplace emergencies is someone who has formal medical knowledge so that he or she can convincingly do his or her duties. Having a workplace safety czar will reduce the consequences of an accident, which could save the life of the person involved.

Conduct workplace safety training – Workplace accidents can be prevented if workers know how to react to emergency situations. Countless lives have been lost because employees failed to react to the situation properly or because they failed to act at all. In order to avoid this from happening, it is important for employers to provide training or seminar related to workplace safety and accident prevention to employees. If employees know what they should do during an emergency situation, they can easily prevent more damaging and serious safety consequences.

Invest on hazard-free equipment and tools – If your company is still using outdated and hazardous equipment like machines and power tools, you would want to replace them with safer and more advanced ones to reduce chances of workplace accidents. Older machines, equipment, tools, and devices are more likely to cause injuries to workers because they lack safety features compared to newer ones. You may also want to invest on line marking as it has been proven to be effective in guiding and reminding workers about workplace hazards. Companies should also invest on proper uniform of their workers, which may include hazmat suits, overall uniform, and printed workwear. It would cost your company a little bit more, but it will keep you away from much more expensive expenses like insurance payments due to workplace accidents.

Improve workplace’s safety features – Simple safety features can save lives. One factor employers fail realize is that they can effectively prevent accidents from happening by simply being consistent when it comes to their companies’ safety policies. They can also prevent accidents by investing on simple safety features like line marking, safety posters, emergency alarms, first aid kits, and other emergency response items.

If you are really serious about protecting and ensuring your workers’ safety and health, you may also want to consider consulting with workplace safety experts to know what should be improved in your company’s safety policies, features, and even workplace culture.
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