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Amazing Physiognomy of Galaxy S9

The flagship Galaxy S8 of 2017 is the first smartphone supports the standard Mobile the HDR Premium (10-bit support for video, dynamic range from 0.005 to 540 units and the coverage to 90% DCI / P3 color space). If we talk about Galaxy S9, It will support the HDR Premium similar to S8. Additionally, other technologies like NAT, MST. Also, MU-MIMO which will help the user to connect the Wi-Fi router with multiple devices simultaneously in a few seconds. But we have to wait until the launch of Galaxy S9, and that will be done in 2018.


The flagship of both models will be curved on the sides of the screen. Different screen sizes only. S8 has a diagonal of 5.8 "and S8 Plus – 6.2". It is worth recalling that the previous pair of flagships had the display size of 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches. Galaxy S9 will launch next year with its meticulous features.

Galaxy S8 has an Infinity Display. Apparently, the word «Infinity» as it alludes to the fact that the screen is almost limitless, and occupies almost the entire area of the front surface. Even comes with the lateral faces, it's unlimited. Samsung flagship in its attempts, combine the big screen and not too big body. Front panel area consumes very rationally. Even the fingerprint scanner is now on the back side. Previously, it was inserted into the center button ("Home" key).

Still used AMOLED display, and more specifically the Super AMOLED, but sub-pixels structure has changed - gone Diamond Pentile. Now the number of sub-pixels per pixel grew from 2 to 3. Galaxy S9 will hit the shelves next year with its AMOLED screen having Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The amazing body design and glossy body color will magnetize the customers towards it.

Protection against water

The smartphone has a protection against water under standard IP68. As well, last year's flagship. But in the top six were not protected. The top five defenses were at a lower standard IP67. In Galaxy S9, the protection against water might slightly increase. S9 will give the user an assurance of keeping their phone safe from any outer factor like dust, smoke, and moisture. Display of S9 has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is protective in nature.

Function Always On display

To save energy, the resolution can be set programmatically FHD + (2220 × 1080 pixels) or even HD + (1480 × 720 pixels). Since the matrix is used AMOLED, is a function « for Always display the On », which allows you to continuously displayed basic information: time, date, missed calls, etc. AMOLED works in such a way that the display in black does not require energy, these pixels are turned off. This means that a permanent display of basic information to spend a minimum of energy since almost the entire screen is turned off. Normal display, the display will be at least one pixel, it will work fully, respectively, the battery will be ruthlessly eaten. Galaxy S9 resolution is set on Ultra High Definition + 2560 x 1440 pixels. The battery power in Samsung Galaxy S9 is so great that it can withstand long hours use without getting too much heat.
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