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Look who welcomes you home first!

It doesn’t matter if you are ready for a bunch of guests or not, the mat, rug or carpet at your doorstep and porches always welcomes the guests by saying a warm “hello”.  Guests arrive with merry gifts and wishes, leaving behind the dirt of their shoes on the mats only. Coming in various colors and designs, the natural floor coverings like mats, rugs or carpets give a fresh appeal to your place!

The Different Types:

Coir Mat, a harsh fibre which is obtained from the coconut shells, has spikes on its surface. It is durable and lasts long. This type of mat is usually used for outdoor areas, and for doorways and terraces. Because of its harsh surface, it is never a good option if you have them near pets or kids playing on them at home. Or you may simply keep your pets and babies away from this kind of mat.
Coir Rug, similar to a Coir Mat, the coir rugs are used to welcome the guests with “a message” because they generally have something printed on them. Never bore your guests with the boring rugs, shoot them a “Boom” while they enter or “Call me before visiting next time” or shock them with a message saying “Come back later, I’m in a bad mood” or anything you like.

Sisal floor rug, are the rugs made from natural materials. It is always the best choice if you use mats, rugs or carpets made from natural materials like sea grass or sisal floor rugs. They last longer than you can ever imagine. We never think that an inexpensive and long-lasting carpet can reframe the areas at home so beautifully.

Jute Carpets, are the traditional yet economical and charming carpets. The jute carpets are presented with different colors and designs, darker or softer shades, geometrical or plain floral designs and there can be numerous prints. The jute carpets give your place a charming look which sticks to the traditional style with a modern effect of colors and designs.

Experiment with the look of your favorite place with the affordable and exciting range of mats and carpets to give a pleasant, cosy and comfortable feel to your guests and everyone around. Create the mix-match color patterns, designs with mats, rugs or carpets. Choose any of these and overlap one on the other, and see the wonders happening. Decorate your home with the elegant and eye-catching natural mats, rugs and carpets, you soon be holding a “Best House of the Year” award in your hands. is a supplier of nature based rugs and carpets in Australia. They have a huge variety of natural carpets and mats for your house to add up the warmth of your house. You can customize your designs and get them printed on any natural carpet as per your choice.
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